Genius wedding entrance

I first saw this on A Cup of Jo then again on Naturally Nina and had to repost it. If I was going to have a big wedding I’d love to do something like this, since you only get one chance (hopefully). My fiance laughed when he watched it and I laughed and cried. I can cry over the silliest things! On a wedding note I called the place I would like to have my wedding and unfortunately got the voicemail. I can only call Tuesday or Thursday and between 3pm and 5pm. I hope she will be able to return my call soon since I plan for the wedding to be mid-November of this year! If not, back to the drawing board. And when wedding planning, going back to the drawing board isn’t always the greatest of things.


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I’m an aunt again

My younger sister and her boyfriend are the proud parents of a baby boy. His name is Tyler (after the father) Clayton (the middle name, which is our maiden name and we have no boys on our side of the family to carry it on) and M. (father’s last name) My sister went to the hospital around 8am and gave birth at 5:11. I wasn’t there (I would’ve fainted!) but my older sister and parents were. I haven’t even visited my nephew yet since we had a mandatory staff meeting tonight. I was going to go after the meeting but I know my sister is probably really tired so I will finally see my nephew tomorrow.

(photo credit: my big sister’s facebook)

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so excited

As if any movie Michael Cera is in isn’t already a date movie this is just the creme de la creme of them all. I am beyond excited to see it and my fiance says “Yeah…sure” when I asked if he wants to see it. He is going no matter what. Just watching the trailer makes me fall in love with my fiance all over again

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8 months ago


As a little girl I thought about the perfect wedding day loads of times….the princess dress, the giant church, everyone and their grandmother showing up, the whole 9 yards. But, since being engaged none of those thoughts came to my mind. Instead I have gone from small wedding November 2009, to April 2010 wedding with up to 100 guests (which we reserved and paid a deposit for), to eloping in Virginia in April 2010 and back to a November 2009 wedding but with only family and dinner at a restaurant afterward. There will be no “reception” and immediately following the meal we will drive off to our honeymoon. I have never been one for flashy things. It’s even a tradition in my family to be untraditional. My parents were married in a courtroom after all 3 daughters were born. My older sister was married at 19 since her husband joined the military out of high school. My younger sister, though not married, just turned 20 and is due to give birth to my first nephew tomorrow. I always vowed though that I won’t have a courthouse wedding. Yet, eloping in the mountains of Virginia sounded perfect. Instead we are trying to do something small and intimate. I look forward to being married in less than 4 months. Only thing is I need to book a venue, officiant and get a dress. But I believe that through God, it’s possible.

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our talents

Have you ever wondered what you are meant to be? I have been thinking about this a lot lately. It is part of the reason I am taking so long to get through college. My career paths have been education, interior design, education again, sociology, entrepreneurship…I just can’t seem to figure out what I’m meant to be, who I’m meant to be. I know I am very good with analyzing, and teaching preschool, helping others with their problems, organizing…basically a mixture of all the career paths I have thought about doing. Personally, I’d love to be a stay at home mom and do the PTA thing while my fiance “brings home the bacon” but I know that in this society it’s getting really hard to have one person be the back-bone of the household. So how do I discover what I want to be? I know I don’t want to teach forever since I am not comfortable being held accountable for the knowledge my students gain. I don’t have the social skills to go out and market my business. I do not like the thought of sitting at a desk and listening to people’s problems all day when I don’t know them personally to truly help. I don’t want to learn business codes and drafting. I read somewhere that one can make money being a professional organizer. That would be fun but I would feel super awkward going through other people’s junk and possibly trashing important things. Anyone else have this issue? Those of you who are in a career they absolutely love, how did you know it’s what you were meant to do? How did you begin?

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6th grade yearbook

This evening I went through my sixth grade (1998-1999) yearbook and thought it would be fun to look them up on myspace. Along my journey I found a few were married, some already have children, some gay, some in the military, a few moved far away, others still loving with mom and dad…It’s just amazing to see how some people changed (for good and worse) since 10 years ago. I graduated in 2005 so a few people I have seen in the last 4 years but many others it’s been much longer. Have you ever wondered what happened to kids you went to school with? Still close friends with any? I still have one friend who’s lived in Montreal since I went to 8th grade but we’ve remained relatively close. I even went to visit him in March 2007. That’s a long story for another day though 🙂 (photo credit : class of 1960)

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somewhere over the rainbow

Have you ever wanted to move away? Go to a place where noone would know your name and you could start all over? Many people would love to move where I live, the east coast of Florida. Only 10 minutes from the beach…may seem like “the life” to others. I though would love to move to a place with actual seasons. In Florida we have a joke as to what our “seasons” are…Tourist season (winter), lovebug season (spring), hurricane season (summer-fall) and all year-round it is summer. I would love to move to an area where snow is looked forward too, as well as leaves changing colors, the first signs of spring. All we get here is looking forward to our oranges growing in the winter. My dream is to run off to Virginia. Not too hot, not too cold, mountains, close to ocean, historic sites, the whole nine yards… Where would you go? (photo credit: ranhar2 )

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