Hello to everyone

I’m beginning this blog because my fiance says I should, and people would be interested. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know. Last time I blogged was years ago as a teen, then again months ago when I started the Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer. I guess I’ll begin with an intro to who I am.

I currently live in the Sunshine State, though at the time of writing this, it’s stormy and gray. I work full-time as an early childhood development specialist. Or in simple terms, a preschool teacher, but I like to sound important. I was born in Jersey and came here in 1995 when I was at the tender age of 8. The time when life was so simple. My parents each had jobs, and deciding whose team to play on for neighborhood kickball games was the hardest decision ever. My younger sister and I got along and Nickelodeon and Disney were in their prime.

I graduated in 2005 and shortly was engaged with my first fiance. Yes, first…but not only. I happily went to college, and worked retail. A year later, my then fiance got into drugs and partying and we borke up. College has been off-and-on, going when I can afford it. My current fiance and I began dating December 10, 2006. Exactly 2 years and 1 day ago. We’ve been engaged nearly 1 month. We plan our wedding to be November 14, 2009.

But this is where black and white becames a chaotic array of colors:

  • I plan to move in with my future-sister-in-law in a month or two
  • Fiance and I are solely paying for our wedding
  • I make $9.00/hr now, full-time, but if I move, I need to find a new job.
  • I’m in debt and don’t know how to save money.
  • Fiance was accepted in to the police academy today. “Our” wedding will be “My” wedding as I will end up planning it alone until May when he graduates.  To add more stress to it, I’ll only see him on the weekends if it’s affordable.

Forewarning…. I ramble if it’s something that bothers me, or I’m enthused about. Besides, I have Jersey roots and it would take me 30 seconds to say everything I just wrote while talking with my hands.

Enjoy this crazy journey with yours truly…


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