$5000 budget

I figure I will write how I am a budget/ diy bride.

My current take-home pay is about $1100 a month, my fiance’s is about $800 a month. We each have bills to pay. And we each want to be married by next November. So we are planning on a budget. Approximately $5000 to be exact. It’ll be hard but the bargains have begun. If you just started planning my number one advice is to find a place you both love. Try anywhere with a meaning to you two. Fiance and I will be married at the park he took me to right before he asked me out, where we spent our one year anniversary, and where he proposed to me. We’ve had many great memories at the place and one day he thought “We should get married here.” Since I had begun planning everything else and had written down like 500 othervenues I made him do the legwork and contact the coordinator for parks and recreation. Apparently a wedding could be held anywhere on the property for $30! To make things better there is a banquet hall indoors and we can rent it for the entire day for only $350! So we’re off to a good start.

This past week was pretty much hell for me since my assistant was on vaction in New York. Even though my fiance and I had our 2 year anniversary on Wednesday, we’ve been fighting like crazy (in due part to him being accepted into the police academy.) So my planning was put on hold for a little while. Instead I was reading a book about the Cheapest Family in America. Definitely an amazing book so far! This evening I began looking more into finding an officiant. Can’t get married without one of those. And since most officiants in our area only marry at a church or on the beach, it makes things very difficult. I also began the process of find a DOC (day-of coordinator) if money will allow. But for my sanity I feel it would be a wise choice. Once the officiant and venue are booked I will begin my search for a delicious, yet cost-efficient caterer, an amazing photographer, a DJ, florist and the attire. Most of the things that are considered “decor” will be do-it-yourself. Which tomorrow when I check out the reception hall, I will determine how much money will go into that.

For now I bid you all good night. Tomorrow I will update how the reception hall went. Then busy ife continues with a company lunch get together and babysitting one of my students. Sunday and Monday I’m off to relaxation! Back to reality Tuesday.


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