Is it Friday yet?

It is!!! And thank God at that. After a crazy morning…and my bosses proving to a parent I deserve to keep my job…I am home, relaxing. Except I’m alone. FI works on Fridays and my parents go out to eat. I would’ve gone but they invited my dad’s friends…who are pretty redneck and I decided to stay home, alone, with the dog. After scrounging the house for food I concocted a breakfast burrito, bacon and a glass of wine. Now I’m feeling depressed as I spend my evening finishing my wine while on I have nothing else better to do.

Christmas is sneaking up fast. I just got paid and I feel that it’s gone. Luckily I refused to buy gifts this year. Since I hate traffic and crowds I plan to treat everyone to something nice. Ex: nieces to the zoo, parents to dinner. These will actually also serve as FI and my family meeting each other. When I treat my parents to dinner, he will do the same and the 6 of us will meet up. My nieces will go to the zoo with his younger sister.  It’ll be easier then finding a time we can all meet up for an engagement party and it’s more low-key. I suggest this to everyone who’s waiting to have the families meet.
By next week we should have our ceremony/reception venue booked with a deposit. From there we will decide on who the rest of the vendors will be. Hopefully the person having a reception at the porcher house after we have our wedding won’t take all the good choices!
But for now, I think I’ll write my lesson plan for work next week while I watch my tivo-ed wedding shows.


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