Happy holidays?

Oh how great it is, to be broke…country in terrible economic times…people in debt up to their eyeballs…yet the stores are jam-packed.
It’s disgusting. My own family won’t get gifts. They get time with me. That’s what the holiday is isn’t it?
I just had to write a $150 check to my ceremony/reception location for a deposit on Monday. My fiance put in $180.  So all that’s left is just over $900 to pay off. But now’s the mad-crazy part…vendors vendors vendors.

I am down to having $3675.00 to spend.

This is a breakdown of what I should spend the rest of the money on (mind you i’m approximating 100 guests but i expect less):
$1500-food (may be less, my reception is afternoon)
$400-beverages and bartenders (no open bar though, may be less)
$125-cake (though i’ll probably do cupcakes which are cheaper)
$300-gown and alterations (i’ll only wear it once…why spend a lot?)
$50-hair and makeup (might splurge here though)
$45-groom’s tux
$30-ceremony accessories
$37.50-my bouquet
$50-bridesmaids bouquets (may be less since i only have 2)
$10-groom and groomsmen boutonnieres
$7.50-flower girl flowers
$25- extra boutonnieres and corsages
$200-flowers for centerpieces (may be less)
$70-ceremony flower decorations
$50-ceremony musician
$50-cocktail hour musician
$300-reception music
$300-photographer (another splurge area though. may go up to $1000 in this department)
$250-videographer…if we choose to get one
$50-additional prints from photographer
$150-stationary, including invites at STD’s (this will be from vistaprint and DIY)
$100-wedding bands (may pay more though)
$100-lodging night before and transportaion (i’m looking to get vintage cars though…or cocoa village does carriages around the village $8 a person :D)
$75-attendant and parent gifts

GRAND TOTAL-$3675.00.

Seeing as we’ll be saving in some departments, I want to invest in a DOC-day of coordinator. Since the wedding is at 11am, I’ll need someone to make sure everyone is ontime and everything’s set-up!




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