Hello theknot.com knotties

Just noticed most visits to my site comes from theknot.com boards. Which is good. hope I can give people some insight.

Mind you, I have yet to do any real work…dress shopping and finding the 100 million vendors and doing all my DIY stuff…but stick with me…I have 10 1/2 months so soon it will hit me.

Hope everyone’s Christmas was nice. It was fine for me. Spent dinner with FI’s family, having a delicious Mexican meal. Then dessert with my family. I am quite tired. I had to work today at 7:30 (the only preschool open in my area) and out ovf 200+ students, only 40 showed up. I had my class ( 3 1/2-4 yrs) and also my neighbor class (3-3 1/2 yrs) combined and I was alone. It was ok though since there were only 12. And I got to leave early. Next week should be the same scenario.

Back to wedding business, I found this great book that has a lot of great ideas. It’s called “Priceless Weddings for under $5000” by Kathleen Kennedy.
There’s another that’s for brides like me called “the ‘I have a life’ brides guide” by andrea mattei. These are life savers. Especially when you look through bridal magazines and realize how much the gorgeous costs or how many people you have to hire to make your venue look a certain way. It’s just rediculous. And I had always wanted my wedding to be better than my parents and older sister. By just having a wedding I’m doing that. My parents and sister were both married very civilized in a courtroom by a judge. No matter if my wedding is the biggest or smallest shin-dig, I will have atleast accomplished having a full wedding.


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