Best thing I’ve done so far

Best thing was to book an afternoon ceremony and reception. The weather in Florida in November is so pretty an relaxing and I defintely wanted it to be short, sweet, and simple. Originally my fiance and I had planned to have an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception but after realizing how much work would need to be done in order to make the place look nice, we are opting to have our reception outdoors under a tent next to a river. Couldn’t be more pretty. Only issue is the bathroom available is a public outdoor restroom (not port-o potty!) so I’m hoping there will be no other event happening that day so my guests can use the indoor restrooms.
Our wedding lasts from 8-5. 8a-11a is set-up time, 11a-12p is ceremon, 12p-1p is tea/coffee hour, 1p-4p is the reception and 4p-5p is tear-down.
Word of the wise- an afternoon reception may end up being cheaper then an evening. You have less of a requirement to throw a spactacular event and most carters offer cheaper lunch menus than dinner menus. Do your research and really decide what’s more important…spending all your money to make everyone ‘ooo’ and ‘ahh’ or to save the money for an amazing honeymoon and home together.


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