Yes Man

Was a pretty good movie. My fiance and I picked the movie on a whim tonight and we’re glad we did. It was very funny, with a good moral to it. I definitely recommend it :).
So after reading the movie my fiance and I decided to randomly go to Barnes n Noble…our favorite store. While there I stumbled upon a notebook. Right then and there we noticed how pretty the colors were, and even though we (well, I) already picked out olive green and dark brown as our wedding colors, we knew that these were OUR colors.
I have such a sweet fiance that he spent the $7.99 on me to get it :). He knew it meant a lot. So now I can jot ideas as well have have something to carry around to compare colors when picking out decor and what-not. So now I look forward to finding new ideas online to fit these colors since I have a million with just green and brown.


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