Enough time in a day?

Is there enough time? Some days seem to drag but by the time the week ends you think “Man! The week went by fast!” I can’t believe it’s already December 29th. The older you become, the faster time flies. And with a wedding in the works, it seems like I can’t accomplish anything in the time elotted. I want to have a Fall 09 wedding. I want to get it done and over with. But I was born middle of three girls. My older sister always had things first and “always” knows best. Younger sister gets wat she wants. I’m just kind’ve the one in the middle that has to come up with ways to gain some sort of attention. My fiance is the same, 2nd born of 4 kids. But he shares the middle spot with a brother. Whereas the oldest and youngest are girls. ANYWHO…my mother was married in a courtroom and celebrated with under 100 people in a Jersey-inspired reception (can you see the trashiness now?) and my older sister was also married in a courtroom…at 19 because her husband had joined the military.

I want to be the one to d it right. My fiance and I (whom we consider ourselves to be the blacksheep of the family) want the spotlight on us for once. But how is it possible? Both of us are struggling to get our AAs in Community College but know we want to be married very soon. By now I should’ve booked a caterer, gone dress shopping, booked an officiant, and met with photographers. SERIOUSLY?

This is seriously a bride on a budget blog, alone with a bride with a life blog. There’s never enough time or money. Even the rich want more. But my fiance and I are hoping that somewhere in the next 10 months a financial miracle will occur. I mean a bird pooped on my right wrist yesterday. I know anything involving the right side is good, and having a bird poop on you is good luck. So what luck will come out of all this?


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