A more intimate and cost friendly approach to THE cake

Many people with loads of money and out in Hollywood land will drops hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on a cake. Something that will be on display shortly, cut into pieces, barely eatten and thrown away. And who’s to say EVERYONE will enjoy red velvet cake or chocolate cake.
many people have decided on cupcakes, others on cheesecakes, and some on no cake at all. This evening an idea popped into my head and I must write it out before it’s forgotten:
For the cake you and your fiance cut, how about the two of you bake it together the day before. It sounds cheesy now but think about spending quality time together putting together a mini cake for the two of you to share…as for everyone else, there will be an array of pies, cheesecakes, and maybe even mini desserts on the table. This ensures that your guests would have a nice variety of desserts to choose from.

Think about the money you save on not getting a cake designer! Put that money toward something important like the photographer!



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