“Cocktail Hour” and open bar

For a cheaper way to allow your guests to have drinks while you spend an hour taking pictures with your bridal party, family and new hubby, have them sip on some coffee and tea instead of spending double the money on alcohol (since I’m sure you’ll be using it at your reception). Take into consideration though that if our “cocktail hour” is outdoors, you may not want hot drinks. Instead opt for large jars/pitchers of a variety of thirst quincher drinks like sweet and unsweet tea, lemonade, rasberry tea, pink lemonade, etc. This allows everyone to be comfortable and relax with some delicious (and extremely cheap) drinks. This is actually what I will be doing! My ceremony is held in the middle of the day in Florida in November. Unless a random hurricane blows through the only other weather to expect is HEAT! Unfortunately we cannot have “cocktail” hour inside without it being in the reception, which I don’t want.
Another option for those like my fiance and I out there who aren’t big drinkers, instead of having an open bar full of numerous liquers and mixed drinks, opt for everyone’s quick go-to drinks at a limited bar…beer and wine! My reception will begin at 1 and end at 4. If anyone feels they didn’t get enough to drink in that time, there’s more than enough time for them to hit pubs or bars in the evening. This also lessens the tension that someone will be driving home drunk after one too many martinis. They’ll be getting drunk, but on their own time!

So….coffee/tea/lemonade hour + very limited bar reception + all being held in afternoon = HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS SAVED!



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