So much to do!

So in he midst of planning a wedding, I realized “CRAP! We need to find a place to live first!” My fiance and I have wanted to live together for a while now but one financial struggle after another makes it hard! With the wedding 10 months away I pray to God we each will be able to move out by summer. But everytime I plan to move out, the plans fall through the cracks.
I was also recently told that I’ll qualify for financial aid once I’m married. This will be so nice considering I haven’t taken any college courses in over a year. I have student loans to pay off and it’s just hard trying to earn a dollar and afford the bills I already owe. Trying to find vendors is seeming to be much easier than finding the money for a deposit. We only have a venue to get married and have the reception! I feel like the only bride that is way behind. It’s just a long crazy process and I know that if my fiance and I lived together my wedding stress would be cut in half. I’d atleast be able to sit next to him with my laptop and we could discuss everything and what each of us would like for the wedding. Instead we have to spend our precious time together arguing over wedding matters. It stinks really bad. I just wish this wedding had an easy button.

Then again, it does. It’s called eloping. I’ve brought up the issue, but fiance always shoots it down.


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