Can’t do it on my own.

It’s funny how I may have to postpone a $5000 wedding. Other people have mommy and daddy giving them a lavish wedding for tens of thousands of dollars. Doing that only prepares your life to be dependant on others.
Unfortunately I am currently the one bringing home the bacon and I have so many bills on my own that I can’t apartment hunt and wedding plan at the same time. My fiance works near part-time Wednesday-Saturday 4pm-1am. I work full time Monday-Friday 6:30am-3:30pm. So you’d imagine we don’t really communicate often. And when we do, it’s on the phone and it’s usually arguing. Not the funnest way to get through the day. Sundays we attempt to relax but the tension from the phone conversations during the week continue on. My fiance is trying to find a new full time job (good luck doing that in Florida.) So until he actually does get a full-time job, I am postponing any plans for the wedding and solely focusing on an apartment. Hopefully this halt is only for a little bit and I can continue to have a sweet, romantic, amazing, Fall 2009 wedding. We’ll see what the good Lord puts in our path. So don’t mind me if I don’t post for a while.

Always said I liked the olden times. Too bad it’s turning back into this…



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