Think Green


With the thought that I may have to postpone my wedding until next year flowing through my head, I thought I would make a post on having an eco-friendly wedding. This may become the focal point of my wedding. Now, we all know that just because it’s earth friendly doesn’t usually have a friendly price tag. In my opinion I prefer to leave my green footprint instead of a carbon one. So in my travels to being a bride that conserves money, I will try my hardest to conserve energy as well. There will be some areas that may be harder to be green (catering) and others that will be simple (favors).
In the news of wedding postponement my fiance has yet to find a decent full time job. He has been searching like crazy (as have I) and the moment he gets a better job we can begin our apartment hunt and I will be able to continue planning the wedding! So bear with me. I will continue to try to give money saving, and earth saving advice when the ideas come to me.


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