When in doubt,

push the date back a few months. I know I had posted that I had to do this but there may be a couple girls out there that are second-guessing the date they picked. Is it too soon? Could I get everything done? What other priorities are on my list? My answers- probably not. No. Moving out/college.  I realized that within 9 months, even if my fiance gets a full-time job soon, that I would need to book everything but the venue (dj, photography, caterer, day of coordinator, officiant, etc, etc, etc) I was like “Holy Crap! AND I want to move out of my parents, get back into college and pay off the loads of bills I already have?!?!” It was just too much to handle. Of course I imagined being married before Chrismas and being able to kiss my husband at the stroke of mindnight January 1, 2010. But I believe there’s a reason for everything. Every thought, every moment. So if that minut voice is echoing in the back of your head to maybe push the date back a little bit, listen to it. I know for sure that the months of planning between November 2008 and now have flown incredibly fast. An extra 4 months allows us to have an even better wedding than the one we were planning to have. It also enables me to do more search on eco-friendly options and find some local florists and what-not.

So just give yourself the time you need not the time you think you can do it in. It’s not so easy when you’re on your own with a full time job, your parents aren’t there to help pay the cost, and a full-time coordinator is not in your budget.


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