it’s been a month!?

I have not been up to date on this thing!

Well since my last post my fiance and I went apartment hunting. Then he found an amazing condo by the beach for $30k! Unfortunatley mortgage people won’t return phone calls or give us a pre-approval because they require a place to be $50k or more. So we’re back to looking at the 2 apartments we were trying to decide on before. This whole month of moving planning has put a giant halt on all wedding planning. We joke we’re a married couple without the license. Once we have a place and get our finances set, we can finally get back to planning our wedding. The wedding seems to be getting for quiet and intimate the more time goes by. That’s fine by me because I cannot afford to fly-in and entertain 100 people.

Let’s just pray I’ll be back to blogging soon! Keep your fingers crossed!


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