DJ, Band, IPod (this shouldve been posted months ago)

When throwing a wedding on a budget it is extremely hard to decide on how you want music played. Having a DJ would be great to keep the party going, and he/she knows what they’re doing (hopefully) but it may come with a hefty pricetag. Hiring a band may also be a great alternative and sometimes cheaper than a DJ but remember you must also feed the band. And finally the infamous IPod wedding. Originally I hated the idea, then gave it a thought or two, then I watched this video :
That helped me decide!
It is best to do your research in this area. I am having an afternoon reception for possibly under 100 people. All of which are basically family and co-workers. So I’m having a toss-up as to whether I want a DJ or Band. Both have an equal amount of pros and cons


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