Have a picnic

One thing I absolutely love doing is putting food in a basket, grabbing a blanket and taking my fiance to our favorite picnic spot. It’s a secluded park next to the river. Occasionally squirrels will come around and beg for food. Picnics can be done any time of the year with anyone. You don’t have to bring out the grill and tables either.

I found some super cute quilts on etsy:  floral quilt and jamie quilt
as well as a nice basket

So much stress can be relieved when you go enjoy the great outdoors. If you live in the city and finding a park to have a picnic is hard, why not in your backyard? Or in your own garden? People with children will enjoy this quiet time with their family, relishing the youth your child will bring out in you. Couples can also enjoy this one-on-one time together. When the meal is done the two of you can lay one the blanket together, soaking up the atmosphere. Even take a bike ride with your significant other, family, or friends to the picnic. The thoughts are endless.


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