Mmm tea

bigstockphoto_glass_of_iced_tea_with_a_pitch_1620479All this talk about TEA parties on the news gets me to thinking how much I love tea. Honestly, who doesn’t love a nice cup of delicious hot or cold tea. Especially green tea. I have a nasty headache at the moment and I would love some hot green tea. Maybe I can convince the fiance to make me a cup. Then again he’d probably set the smoke detector off somehow, someway. I should start drinking tea more often than my tall Java Chip Frappucino from Starbucks (especially since my favorite Starbucks is closing!). I have been begging my fiance for a tea kettle for what seems like forever now. I remember when I was younger living in New Jersey with my family and Grandma. I remember hearing the whistling sound the tea kettle would make when it’s ready. Tea kettles remind me of my youth and when life was more simple. And tea has always been a comfort drink for me. I love simple tea kettles like this:

 41htduazy7l__sl500_aa280_ which I found on Amazon

I am honestly off to make some delicious hot organic green tea right now…which water heated in the microwave.



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2 responses to “Mmm tea

  1. Love it too! EnJOY. I’m also partial to mango flavored tea. Herbal is best/hot or cold.

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