It’s Earth Day!



Happy Earth Day everyone! A day for us tree huggers to rejoice! So what did you do for Earth Day? I wish I didn’t live in an apartment  or I would’ve planted something in my yard. At my job my students painted Earths with water color, eye droppers and coffee filters. They were asked to wear green today and I even had parents bring in a pre-cut leaf from construction paper and write down something they do at home that’s “earth friendly” and taped them to a tree. I’ll try to get a photo of it. There were some great ideas such as using cloth diapers, cleaning with organic household cleaners, using flourescent lightbulbs, etc.

Some things I do include:
-Re-using plastic bags as trash bags for the bathroom trash, and cleaning out the litter box at home. At work I use them to put clothes in when a child has an accident.
-Use flourescent lightbulbs. they may cost more when they are initially purchased but are well worth it when it comes to the electricity bill
-Only turn on the AC at nighttime but open doors windows during the day (trust me, it gets hard in this Florida weather!)
-Buy local produce
-Recycle (which my fiance is still getting used to)
-Place a water bottle in the lid of the toilet. This reduces the amount of water being used.
-Use re-useable cloth bags when buying a small amount of items at the grocery store
-Read news online or watch on tv instead of getting the newspaper
-Use rechargeable batteries

There’s more I do I’m sure but I can’t think about it right now. Hope you learned some ideas and have Earth Day everyday!


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