Bridal Shows


I went to my first Bridal Show today, and it was actually at the location I’ll be getting married at. I felt bad for dragging my fiance along but he enjoyed the free samples of food while I lolly-gagged. It went from being hot to noisy to crowded to hot again. I hope my wedding day next year won’t be as hot as today was. I got to sit and watch a bride gown fashion show in the same seats and same location my guests will be sitting. It’s really nice and the scenery is great but Florida weather is so unpredictable so this time next year could be sunny, rainy, windy, cold, blistering hot. All I can really plan to do is buy cute little fans.

Then again my fiance and I started discussing running away to get married. We both love our families but thought that instead of spending $5000-$10000 on a wedding and inviting a ton of people, we could spend that money on a trip to Hawaii. But it seems to be more work the more we think about it. But how nice would it be to get married in Hawaii?
Don’t have to worry about photographers, videographers, caterers, dj’s, florists, etc…It isn’t easy on a tight budget.
It’s nice to think about though.


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