One thing that gives me so much joy

Is sleeping in and waking up after the sun, instead of before it. Every Monday through Friday I wake up at 5:15 and leave for work at 6 (mind you, I teach preschool). I wake up and go to work before the sun is at work on the East Coast. I love Saturday mornings so much. I can wake up anytime (which is usually 8) I then open my sliding glass door that leads to the porch so my cat can gaze at the ducks in the pond while I lay back in bed with my fiance and spoon. We can just lay there and relax while listening to the fountain in the POND. Maybe discuss what we’ll do for the day (always begins with one of us make super yummy breakfast, followed by getting dressed to do laundry at our apartment’s laundry facility) I should get some pics of my most favorite day. Sundays are nice too but I get so bummed knowing that the next day it’s back to hard work. Aren’t Saturday morning so wonderful?


but how creepy is this?


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