To win the lottery


I’ve been feeling a wee bit lucky today, even though work was rough. I never bought a lottery ticket before, but I have gotten scratch offs. So I had to call my Mom and ask how you do a lotto ticket.

While at Steak n Shake with my fiance (we needed to eat cheap and didn’t want ‘fast food’) we got into the discussion of what we would do with the multi-millions we won. Most people would jump in and say ‘I’d get a new house, buy a new car, invest some, travel’ etc., etc… But we decided (since the lotto is $102m) we would save $70m, and use the other $30m to get my family out of debt, get our families and my sister’s family new homes, donate some (especially St. Judes!) and TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL

We wouldnt spread the word, we would keep our jobs for awhile, keep our apartment til the lease is up, keep our current furniture and what-not, keep our cars. We don’t want to mess up our credit and screw ourselves in the end. I came from a working-class family, my fiance came from a middle-class family. We both know to work hard for what you want.


So what would you do with your million?


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