How lovely are the weekends??


So how was your Saturday?
I started the day with waking up at 8:45 which is sleeping in for me. Monday-Friday I’m up at 5:15 (eek!). I was feeling a bit under the weather and my fiance made me a delicious breakfast including whole wheat toast, cage-free eggs (he makes fun of me for that), bacon (because the swine flu doesn’t phase me) and a big delicious glass of Orange Juice (in the case swine flu does come around me I’ll need my vitamin c!)
forget_parisThis was followed up by picking a random movie on TV which happened to be Forget Paris. I never heard of it but it was a cute movie from years ago. I’m also a sucker for romantic movies involving Paris.

SDC16193Next my fiance and I went to the apartment laundry mat to do our weekly 3 loads of laundry. While they were being washed we jumped into the pool which is behind the laundry building. 30 minutes later we transfered the clothes to the dryer and went back to the pool then 45 minutes later brought the clothes back home. We washed up then headed off to get Starbucks followed by browsing at our favorite local bookstore. We each grabbed books on local attractions and discussed the Travel Blog we want to start.

Then off we went to the future in-laws for dinner and the movie The Perfect Storm on HBO. Afterwards we headed home and had a debate about where to place a coffee shop that his dad mentioned starting and why I think putting it next to a highschool will attract the wrong crowd they want there.

And finally home…where I cleaned my mess and gifts that I got for teacher appreciation week, cleaned my cat’s mess in the litter box and got ready for bed. Which I am now off to do.

Good night lovelies. Hope tomorrow will be an amazing day for all.


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