bringing out the child in me

090511-space-shuttle-launch-hubble-telescope-2_bigAt 2:01PM Atlantis soared to repair the Hubble Space Telescope for the last time.
This is all to normal to see in Central Florida though. A big ball of fire flying up into the sky…I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it since moving to Florida when I was 8. But today was a bit different.

My size 24 class of 4 year olds nap from 12:30-2:30 but I promised one parent that I would wake her child up to see the launch. Well, a few of my other students were awake at 1:55 so I decided to allow them to sit in the grass and watch the launch. In total 15 of the 24 kids woke up and sat outside and searched the sky for the little bit of fire flying in the sky. And then we spotted it and in that moment all 15 kids jumped up and screamed and ran to the end of the fence and just glared at the shuttle. I watched them more than the shuttle. My work day is so hectic but a moment like that reminds me how young and innocent they are. That to them, nothing else in the world matters but the shuttle flying in the sky…no knowledge of wars across the seas, people losing their jobs. *sigh* childhood….


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