a lovely sunday morning

4332 Upon waking up this morning, I opened the porch door so my cat could sit out on it and watch birds, squirrels, etc. I had opened the blinds and laid back in bed and curled up with my fiance and stared out to the lake and I noticed two adult ducks and little birds around them. I jumped out and sat on the porch and saw the cutest baby ducks. Rob then asked if I wanted to go downstairs (since we live on the second floor of our apartment) and get a closer look. I immediately threw on clothes and went to the lake and sat on the bench. There are about 10 baby ducks and one of our neighbors came out and said they were born yesterday. after coming inside I put on Joel Osteen (LOVE his sermons!) which was taken place at the new Yankee Stadium.

He talked about getting rid of the negative thoughts and telling yourself that things WILL be done. I have an issue with being pessimistic. It’s my weakness. I always say that I plan for the worse so that in the case it happens I’ll be prepared. I go through work thinking “man, I have to be there at 6:30am, and deal with 26 kids today” “is it friday yet?!” But I in this moment want to be in work. I want to see those smiling innocent faces and feel their little arms around my waste giving me a big hug. Hear their laughter over a silly story or getting tickled. Something I usually dread I actually look forward to right now.

I want to start living my life. I want to live before I die, if that makes sense. After my fiance bought me a book called Weird Florida I want to explore and enjoy the little things around me. Honestly, while driving down the highway have you ever seen a big open wheat field and wanted to pull the car over and run through it? Like the Sound of Music? How about take a road you’ve never been down but always wondered what was down there?

But do be cautious. My fiance and I did a random road trip at night and wound up in a drug neighborhood. Needless to say a man ran after our car with a flashlight and a few people partying in their frontyards made their way to cars. We were terrified and quickly got back onto familiar turf. A month later the newspaper had an article on the most dangerous neighborhood in Brevard. That was where we went. So just be sure you know a bit about where you take adventures!


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