Oh rainy days


 I feel a lot like the person in this photo in the case that I cannot be inside enjoying a rainy day. We have had consistent rain for 3 days (which is good since we’ve been needing it badly and had numerous brush fires. It seems that in Florida we either have extreme heat or extreme rain. I don’t remember the last time we had something in between. I had to work today and had to try and entertain 24 4 year olds. Once I got home I began preparing dinner and just now relaxing while I watch the local news talking about nothing but the sworm of rain we’re having. I would just love to stay home all day during a thunderstorm.

I would:
Read a book (which I never have time to do)
Blog/Journal (since I work all day and I’m out and about on the weekend)
Lounge in PJs and watch some favorite movies
Play a boardgame (Scrabble is a favorite of my fiance and me)
Sit on the porch with my cat and watch the ducks play in the puddles by the lady’s porch the floor below us (they are so lucky to have water repellant feathers!)
Nap with the porch doors open (I was maybe 5 years old the last time I napped or extremely sick with a few catnaps)
Clean without feeling bad that it’s beautiful outside
Bake delicous goodies for my fiance and I to endulge on


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