What a surprisingly happy day!

125934143_c0c982a2f6 I wish Florida had hills like this to relax on…

Not only is it Friday and payday but since I only had 16 children in my class today I got to go home early (3 hours early to be exact)! Then to add to it, I got my paystub and I saw that I got a dollar raise!! At first I thought I got the wrong paystub so I confronted my boss. She said “Oh, I forgot to tell you! You got a raise.” So I treated myself to Starbucks on my way home. Now I can have $80 of free spending money (Mind you I now get over $660 but after bills and transferring money to mine and my fiance’s joint account, I usually have $40 of free spending for 2 weeks).

So hurray for raises, getting off early, delicious coffee, and getting to go to the bookstore tonight. Now just waiting for my fiance to get home…1 1/2 hours from now. What can I do til then?

(photo credit: mondopiccolo)


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