Have I grown up to fast?

sweet little things of sweet little child. by just Luh..


While looking at an amazing photo I read the caption by rosiehardy that stated this “..I wanted to show in this series is what it would look like to see the kids we all used to be doing what we do now. Everyone seems to be so tired and it seems that that excitement that life had when we were little has kind of faded out.”

Is it not true? When we were children there was no worry about bills or politics. All I cared about was who I would pick to play on my team for kickball. I honestly think my younger self would be upset to see me right now, sitting on the computer and talking about my missed childhood. When do we stop that enjoyment of life? By the end of elementary school, cliques begin to form, in junior high you form into your stereotype and in high school all innocence is lost. I once dreamed of being like Barbie with the big white wedding gown, and now I am 21, on my second engagement and planning my elopement. I have been in a community college for 4 years, all to complete an AA degree (usually takes 2 years). I work 40+ hours a week teaching (hey i got one childhood dream covered!) but the only fun I have is a quiet time with my fiance that doesn’t cost much so that we can afford our rent.

It’s sad but true. No child wants to grow up to be gloomy yet we find ourselves as adults forgetting the happiness in life.

(photo credit: just luh.)


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