Do you remember when you were 4?


I don’t remember much of my childhood. Random moments here and there. I sometimes wonder if mt students will remember me. They might remember a random holiday performance or Graduation, but they will not remember exactly what I look like or how I talked. The only recollection they’ll get will probably be from a class photo. Yet, I know that I am setting the foundation for their future. It is so exciting to hear a child spell his/her name for the first time. See them using manners and helping each other after constant repetition of teaching the principles.
Even though my students may not remember me in the years to come what matters to me is making them smile and learn. This week’s theme is about pirates and I wanted to send my class on a “treasue hunt” I could’ve simply put goodies in a treasure box replica and the class would’ve been fine, but they’re seen the replica this whole year. So instead I opted to waste spend $50 on goodies and a treasure box pinata to add the extra excitement for them. I really wish I had more time, and materials to do all I wanted to do in my classroom. For the amount of money my job makes, and being the best in the city, the teachers don’t get the amount of materials needed to expand our creativity.

One day.

(photo credit: mbauhs)


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