What if money weren’t an issue?

Help them?

Homeless Vet (film) by Steven McDonald. Homeless young man with a Collection Cup by SamPac.

or help yourself?

Imagine if all the money put to wars and giving CEO’s millions of dollars in bonuses each year were distributed nationwide (I do understand that money is needed for the war and keeping the homefront safe! But imagine if we didn’t have to worry about that…)

It would be nice to go to a store and swipe my card knowing it’s coming from an endless bank account. I would love to throw a few hundred in the cup of a homeless man. Since money wouldn’t be an issue I could take more time off to volunteer for my favorite cause. In the time I do work  I can get so many supplies for my students to learn and create more.

Would people do more harm or good with this money. I guess it will honestly be a split. Just like how peace is hard to accomplish since noone is equal and one will always be jealous of another.

I personally think I would travel the world while helping others in the process.

(photo credit: Steven McDonald, SamPac)


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