Dreaming of my own coffee shop

falling in love at a coffee shop [39/182.5] (explore!) by always ordinary. Oooh how I love coffee. My fiance, his father and I have talked about doing a coffee shop a lot lately. None of us ever worked in a coffee shop but we share a love of coffee. I would love to go into a relaxing hip job every day. I can finally get more tattoos that don’t have to be hidden. Put on some nice music like Michael Buble instead of the ABCs. Have my, and my fiance’s, photography on the walls. It would be a nice relaxing place. Not a typical Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. More of a home kind of feel. You can study, browse the internet, read, mingle, play a quiet boardgame with friends or even have a spot for a mic night where some local musician can play soft guitar, piano. Just the thought makes me want a big mug of a cappucino.

(photo credit: always ordinary)


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