6th grade yearbook

This evening I went through my sixth grade (1998-1999) yearbook and thought it would be fun to look them up on myspace. Along my journey I found a few were married, some already have children, some gay, some in the military, a few moved far away, others still loving with mom and dad…It’s just amazing to see how some people changed (for good and worse) since 10 years ago. I graduated in 2005 so a few people I have seen in the last 4 years but many others it’s been much longer. Have you ever wondered what happened to kids you went to school with? Still close friends with any? I still have one friend who’s lived in Montreal since I went to 8th grade but we’ve remained relatively close. I even went to visit him in March 2007. That’s a long story for another day though 🙂 (photo credit : class of 1960)


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