8 months ago


As a little girl I thought about the perfect wedding day loads of times….the princess dress, the giant church, everyone and their grandmother showing up, the whole 9 yards. But, since being engaged none of those thoughts came to my mind. Instead I have gone from small wedding November 2009, to April 2010 wedding with up to 100 guests (which we reserved and paid a deposit for), to eloping in Virginia in April 2010 and back to a November 2009 wedding but with only family and dinner at a restaurant afterward. There will be no “reception” and immediately following the meal we will drive off to our honeymoon. I have never been one for flashy things. It’s even a tradition in my family to be untraditional. My parents were married in a courtroom after all 3 daughters were born. My older sister was married at 19 since her husband joined the military out of high school. My younger sister, though not married, just turned 20 and is due to give birth to my first nephew tomorrow. I always vowed though that I won’t have a courthouse wedding. Yet, eloping in the mountains of Virginia sounded perfect. Instead we are trying to do something small and intimate. I look forward to being married in less than 4 months. Only thing is I need to book a venue, officiant and get a dress. But I believe that through God, it’s possible.

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