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Have you ever wondered what you are meant to be? I have been thinking about this a lot lately. It is part of the reason I am taking so long to get through college. My career paths have been education, interior design, education again, sociology, entrepreneurship…I just can’t seem to figure out what I’m meant to be, who I’m meant to be. I know I am very good with analyzing, and teaching preschool, helping others with their problems, organizing…basically a mixture of all the career paths I have thought about doing. Personally, I’d love to be a stay at home mom and do the PTA thing while my fiance “brings home the bacon” but I know that in this society it’s getting really hard to have one person be the back-bone of the household. So how do I discover what I want to be? I know I don’t want to teach forever since I am not comfortable being held accountable for the knowledge my students gain. I don’t have the social skills to go out and market my business. I do not like the thought of sitting at a desk and listening to people’s problems all day when I don’t know them personally to truly help. I don’t want to learn business codes and drafting. I read somewhere that one can make money being a professional organizer. That would be fun but I would feel super awkward going through other people’s junk and possibly trashing important things. Anyone else have this issue? Those of you who are in a career they absolutely love, how did you know it’s what you were meant to do? How did you begin?


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What if money weren’t an issue?

Help them?

Homeless Vet (film) by Steven McDonald. Homeless young man with a Collection Cup by SamPac.

or help yourself?

Imagine if all the money put to wars and giving CEO’s millions of dollars in bonuses each year were distributed nationwide (I do understand that money is needed for the war and keeping the homefront safe! But imagine if we didn’t have to worry about that…)

It would be nice to go to a store and swipe my card knowing it’s coming from an endless bank account. I would love to throw a few hundred in the cup of a homeless man. Since money wouldn’t be an issue I could take more time off to volunteer for my favorite cause. In the time I do work  I can get so many supplies for my students to learn and create more.

Would people do more harm or good with this money. I guess it will honestly be a split. Just like how peace is hard to accomplish since noone is equal and one will always be jealous of another.

I personally think I would travel the world while helping others in the process.

(photo credit: Steven McDonald, SamPac)

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My dream home…

SuperStock_1612R-14575 Ahhh, to have a nice big country style home on large land with a wrap-around porch…
After reading a post about a Surfer’s dream home on A CUP OF JO, I got to thinking about my own dream home and immediately thought of a country home with a big garden in the backyard. My dream garden looks much like the one remodeled by Sally Quinn. Isn’t it dreamy?!

Makes me want to get married in a lavish garden and have a cute wedding with twinkle lights in the trees. Much like in these gorgeous photos:


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