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so excited

As if any movie Michael Cera is in isn’t already a date movie this is just the creme de la creme of them all. I am beyond excited to see it and my fiance says “Yeah…sure” when I asked if he wants to see it. He is going no matter what. Just watching the trailer makes me fall in love with my fiance all over again


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8 months ago


As a little girl I thought about the perfect wedding day loads of times….the princess dress, the giant church, everyone and their grandmother showing up, the whole 9 yards. But, since being engaged none of those thoughts came to my mind. Instead I have gone from small wedding November 2009, to April 2010 wedding with up to 100 guests (which we reserved and paid a deposit for), to eloping in Virginia in April 2010 and back to a November 2009 wedding but with only family and dinner at a restaurant afterward. There will be no “reception” and immediately following the meal we will drive off to our honeymoon. I have never been one for flashy things. It’s even a tradition in my family to be untraditional. My parents were married in a courtroom after all 3 daughters were born. My older sister was married at 19 since her husband joined the military out of high school. My younger sister, though not married, just turned 20 and is due to give birth to my first nephew tomorrow. I always vowed though that I won’t have a courthouse wedding. Yet, eloping in the mountains of Virginia sounded perfect. Instead we are trying to do something small and intimate. I look forward to being married in less than 4 months. Only thing is I need to book a venue, officiant and get a dress. But I believe that through God, it’s possible.

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Pillow talk

One of the greatest things that my fiance and I do is have pillow talk. Usually we talk about work while eating together (which we always do at a dinner table, never on the couch). But when we lay in bed at night it’s different. We could continue to talk about work, or talk about religion, our future, how we should really try getting to bed earlier, what we’d name our kids…so on and so forth. I love it.
(I have currently been blogging on blogger but will try also posting on here)

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Do you remember when you were 4?


I don’t remember much of my childhood. Random moments here and there. I sometimes wonder if mt students will remember me. They might remember a random holiday performance or Graduation, but they will not remember exactly what I look like or how I talked. The only recollection they’ll get will probably be from a class photo. Yet, I know that I am setting the foundation for their future. It is so exciting to hear a child spell his/her name for the first time. See them using manners and helping each other after constant repetition of teaching the principles.
Even though my students may not remember me in the years to come what matters to me is making them smile and learn. This week’s theme is about pirates and I wanted to send my class on a “treasue hunt” I could’ve simply put goodies in a treasure box replica and the class would’ve been fine, but they’re seen the replica this whole year. So instead I opted to waste spend $50 on goodies and a treasure box pinata to add the extra excitement for them. I really wish I had more time, and materials to do all I wanted to do in my classroom. For the amount of money my job makes, and being the best in the city, the teachers don’t get the amount of materials needed to expand our creativity.

One day.

(photo credit: mbauhs)

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How lovely are the weekends??


So how was your Saturday?
I started the day with waking up at 8:45 which is sleeping in for me. Monday-Friday I’m up at 5:15 (eek!). I was feeling a bit under the weather and my fiance made me a delicious breakfast including whole wheat toast, cage-free eggs (he makes fun of me for that), bacon (because the swine flu doesn’t phase me) and a big delicious glass of Orange Juice (in the case swine flu does come around me I’ll need my vitamin c!)
forget_parisThis was followed up by picking a random movie on TV which happened to be Forget Paris. I never heard of it but it was a cute movie from years ago. I’m also a sucker for romantic movies involving Paris.

SDC16193Next my fiance and I went to the apartment laundry mat to do our weekly 3 loads of laundry. While they were being washed we jumped into the pool which is behind the laundry building. 30 minutes later we transfered the clothes to the dryer and went back to the pool then 45 minutes later brought the clothes back home. We washed up then headed off to get Starbucks followed by browsing at our favorite local bookstore. We each grabbed books on local attractions and discussed the Travel Blog we want to start.

Then off we went to the future in-laws for dinner and the movie The Perfect Storm on HBO. Afterwards we headed home and had a debate about where to place a coffee shop that his dad mentioned starting and why I think putting it next to a highschool will attract the wrong crowd they want there.

And finally home…where I cleaned my mess and gifts that I got for teacher appreciation week, cleaned my cat’s mess in the litter box and got ready for bed. Which I am now off to do.

Good night lovelies. Hope tomorrow will be an amazing day for all.

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One thing that gives me so much joy

Is sleeping in and waking up after the sun, instead of before it. Every Monday through Friday I wake up at 5:15 and leave for work at 6 (mind you, I teach preschool). I wake up and go to work before the sun is at work on the East Coast. I love Saturday mornings so much. I can wake up anytime (which is usually 8) I then open my sliding glass door that leads to the porch so my cat can gaze at the ducks in the pond while I lay back in bed with my fiance and spoon. We can just lay there and relax while listening to the fountain in the POND. Maybe discuss what we’ll do for the day (always begins with one of us make super yummy breakfast, followed by getting dressed to do laundry at our apartment’s laundry facility) I should get some pics of my most favorite day. Sundays are nice too but I get so bummed knowing that the next day it’s back to hard work. Aren’t Saturday morning so wonderful?


but how creepy is this?

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That’s amore

How can one define love? How does one know they are truly in love? Wikipedia describes love as “any of a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection and attachment. The word love can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes.” I honestly think it’s so much more than that. Love is the fact that last night I had a staff meeting and asked my fiance to save me leftovers from dinner with his grandparents but no leftovers were leftover so he went to Pita Pit and got my favorite pita for me for when I came home. Love is watching me walk out to my car every morning at 6:00 to make sure I get there safely, then wave goodbye to me from the door. Love is also knowing my favorite movie is 50 First Dates so you buy a ukelele and practice learning it so you can play me a song (which is what my fiance is doing in our bedroom at the moment). Love is more than I can express in words really. And how do you know when you’re in love? You just do. I was engaged once before, to my highschool sweetheart. I don’t have any regrets in my life but I look back and think of how silly I was to believe my relationship would be one of the 5% highschool relationships that would last ‘forever’. But when you’re in the same relationship for 4 years, since being 14, you won’t let yourself think any different. I’ve definitely grown since then and now know what love is. Everyone has their own version of the word. All I know is I will be marrying the guy I love April 10, 2010.

kiss-in-the-rain jfk20and20jacqueline20mailedd162

Rob's grandparents
Rob’s grandparents

my fiance and i  my fiance and i


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