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somewhere over the rainbow

Have you ever wanted to move away? Go to a place where noone would know your name and you could start all over? Many people would love to move where I live, the east coast of Florida. Only 10 minutes from the beach…may seem like “the life” to others. I though would love to move to a place with actual seasons. In Florida we have a joke as to what our “seasons” are…Tourist season (winter), lovebug season (spring), hurricane season (summer-fall) and all year-round it is summer. I would love to move to an area where snow is looked forward too, as well as leaves changing colors, the first signs of spring. All we get here is looking forward to our oranges growing in the winter. My dream is to run off to Virginia. Not too hot, not too cold, mountains, close to ocean, historic sites, the whole nine yards… Where would you go? (photo credit: ranhar2 )


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on the side business?


What does one think of when the word “Florida” comes to mind?
-Beaches, Disney, Miami???

What about the little places to go to. The places that are amazing but noone wants to take the time to go to or maybe just doesn’t know where they are?

That’s what I want to do. My fiance and I love to travel and would like to take this idea somewhere. We know the amazing places to go, which many others out there. I’m going to have to make a separate blog for this. And a nice new camera.

nikon-d80-large camera used here

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This looks so relaxing


I would love to be in Ireland right now. Looking at the amazing green scenery, old castles, seeing new facesm hearing different languages…
Just sounds so good right now.

I took the day off from work, though I did stop by (it was pet show-n-tell day so I brought my cat by:

Then I brought my fiance some Pita Pit and went home to clean the house and make the most delicious dinner.
It was a nice day but I hope to rack up some vacation money sometime and travel!

Instead I’m off to jog.

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