Pillow talk

One of the greatest things that my fiance and I do is have pillow talk. Usually we talk about work while eating together (which we always do at a dinner table, never on the couch). But when we lay in bed at night it’s different. We could continue to talk about work, or talk about religion, our future, how we should really try getting to bed earlier, what we’d name our kids…so on and so forth. I love it.
(I have currently been blogging on blogger but will try also posting on here)

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I want to do yoga

Yoga Sunset with filter by Fiona Ayerst.

I would love to take yoga classes. It’s hard though when you work all day come home to cook/clean then get ready for bed. I wish I knew how to do yoga. This way I could do it at home.

This blog is actually pretty helpful and I might start some simple manuveurs http://www.yogablog.org/

I need to find a weekend class locally.

(photo credit: Fiona Ayerst’s)

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Dreaming of my own coffee shop

falling in love at a coffee shop [39/182.5] (explore!) by always ordinary. Oooh how I love coffee. My fiance, his father and I have talked about doing a coffee shop a lot lately. None of us ever worked in a coffee shop but we share a love of coffee. I would love to go into a relaxing hip job every day. I can finally get more tattoos that don’t have to be hidden. Put on some nice music like Michael Buble instead of the ABCs. Have my, and my fiance’s, photography on the walls. It would be a nice relaxing place. Not a typical Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. More of a home kind of feel. You can study, browse the internet, read, mingle, play a quiet boardgame with friends or even have a spot for a mic night where some local musician can play soft guitar, piano. Just the thought makes me want a big mug of a cappucino.

(photo credit: always ordinary)

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What if money weren’t an issue?

Help them?

Homeless Vet (film) by Steven McDonald. Homeless young man with a Collection Cup by SamPac.

or help yourself?

Imagine if all the money put to wars and giving CEO’s millions of dollars in bonuses each year were distributed nationwide (I do understand that money is needed for the war and keeping the homefront safe! But imagine if we didn’t have to worry about that…)

It would be nice to go to a store and swipe my card knowing it’s coming from an endless bank account. I would love to throw a few hundred in the cup of a homeless man. Since money wouldn’t be an issue I could take more time off to volunteer for my favorite cause. In the time I do work  I can get so many supplies for my students to learn and create more.

Would people do more harm or good with this money. I guess it will honestly be a split. Just like how peace is hard to accomplish since noone is equal and one will always be jealous of another.

I personally think I would travel the world while helping others in the process.

(photo credit: Steven McDonald, SamPac)

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Do you remember when you were 4?


I don’t remember much of my childhood. Random moments here and there. I sometimes wonder if mt students will remember me. They might remember a random holiday performance or Graduation, but they will not remember exactly what I look like or how I talked. The only recollection they’ll get will probably be from a class photo. Yet, I know that I am setting the foundation for their future. It is so exciting to hear a child spell his/her name for the first time. See them using manners and helping each other after constant repetition of teaching the principles.
Even though my students may not remember me in the years to come what matters to me is making them smile and learn. This week’s theme is about pirates and I wanted to send my class on a “treasue hunt” I could’ve simply put goodies in a treasure box replica and the class would’ve been fine, but they’re seen the replica this whole year. So instead I opted to waste spend $50 on goodies and a treasure box pinata to add the extra excitement for them. I really wish I had more time, and materials to do all I wanted to do in my classroom. For the amount of money my job makes, and being the best in the city, the teachers don’t get the amount of materials needed to expand our creativity.

One day.

(photo credit: mbauhs)

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Have I grown up to fast?

sweet little things of sweet little child. by just Luh..


While looking at an amazing photo I read the caption by rosiehardy that stated this “..I wanted to show in this series is what it would look like to see the kids we all used to be doing what we do now. Everyone seems to be so tired and it seems that that excitement that life had when we were little has kind of faded out.”

Is it not true? When we were children there was no worry about bills or politics. All I cared about was who I would pick to play on my team for kickball. I honestly think my younger self would be upset to see me right now, sitting on the computer and talking about my missed childhood. When do we stop that enjoyment of life? By the end of elementary school, cliques begin to form, in junior high you form into your stereotype and in high school all innocence is lost. I once dreamed of being like Barbie with the big white wedding gown, and now I am 21, on my second engagement and planning my elopement. I have been in a community college for 4 years, all to complete an AA degree (usually takes 2 years). I work 40+ hours a week teaching (hey i got one childhood dream covered!) but the only fun I have is a quiet time with my fiance that doesn’t cost much so that we can afford our rent.

It’s sad but true. No child wants to grow up to be gloomy yet we find ourselves as adults forgetting the happiness in life.

(photo credit: just luh.)

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What a surprisingly happy day!

125934143_c0c982a2f6 I wish Florida had hills like this to relax on…

Not only is it Friday and payday but since I only had 16 children in my class today I got to go home early (3 hours early to be exact)! Then to add to it, I got my paystub and I saw that I got a dollar raise!! At first I thought I got the wrong paystub so I confronted my boss. She said “Oh, I forgot to tell you! You got a raise.” So I treated myself to Starbucks on my way home. Now I can have $80 of free spending money (Mind you I now get over $660 but after bills and transferring money to mine and my fiance’s joint account, I usually have $40 of free spending for 2 weeks).

So hurray for raises, getting off early, delicious coffee, and getting to go to the bookstore tonight. Now just waiting for my fiance to get home…1 1/2 hours from now. What can I do til then?

(photo credit: mondopiccolo)

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